Aura Crown Center: Revealing Your Hidden Glory

Aura Crown Center

Ever seen a pictorial image of the Virgin Mary and the crown on her head? According to the Christian belief, the Virgin Mary found favor from God. They believe that an angel visited her and blessed her. So that she could conceive without intercourse. According to the Holy Book called the Bible, the angel said to Mary that a special being called the Holy Ghost would come upon her.

And that she would be able to give birth to a supernatural child as a virgin. Now, think of Mary as someone under an aura. She was honored in the aura crown center with a halo because she had enough energy to do the extraordinary.

What is a Halo?

You must have seen images of iconic people having a crown-like golden disk around their heads.The dead saints, the anointed, and deities, are mostly the ones that we see wear this crown, called halo.

Halo can also be referred to as aura. These people have been honored with this particular crown as an award for understanding divinity and higher wisdom. They are unique and Divine beings who are privileged to enjoy this glory called halo.

Halo gives a glowing energy aura around our heads. This occurs as soon as the chakra is in its active state. The chakra is the wheel that refers to areas of energy in our body. It is a crown that can be activated. If more chakras are activated, you will have more energy. The more power you have, the more brilliant you get. This energy emerges golden in color after a long while. 

The aura appears as a crescent around the head. 

Glory is a Latin word that has its root word from Gloria. Halo is the Glory in the head. Halo emits energy from the head, which has a ripple effect on the body. This energy-causing ripple effect is called amandula. Amanda can tell you everything about you. Both the good and the bad. It does this by using the colors of your aura energy. You can get these colors from revelations based on your reading. 

You can read minds, thoughts, varying moods, and personality makeup in the revelations. Different thoughts reveal different energy colors. You can study and interpret each color. After the first halo revelation, to ascend into the Glory of Halo the second time, you need a powerful connection. At the end of the halo, you will receive an aura crown. The requirement for wearing this crown is that you are trustworthy and sincere.

What is Chakra?: Detailed Overview 

Chakra is like wearing a royal crown. Crowns tilt towards the location of the crown center. Around the forehead and back of the head is the bottom of the chakra where the crown sits. Chakra forms a sacred energy circle that goes down into the rest of the cosmic body. Crown has antennae that secrete energy. 

They also receive and send energy signals to the Earth. The energy at its finest state forms a halo. Crown chakra opens widely into the halo energy to form an attractive golden crown. The crown chakra floats with the crown of the Godheads. Both halo and chakra share a connection with the Crown chakra and the energy world of Keter. The Crown Chakra and the halo also share a connection with the royal crown. There are 12 stars which are symbolic of forces and energies. At the highest point of activation of chakras, the 12 energies may be open.

This is the point where you experience a glowing energy aura around your head. Halo energy is in the universe to give divinity to those who are ready for it. Halo happens when the Kundalini energy increases and goes in the direction of the crown chakra. You need wisdom to wear the royal crown. You need the same wisdom to be influenced by Halo.

What Is the Aura Crown Centre? 

Aura crown center is the energy that  connects us to the spirit. It gives a  sense of global awareness, wisdom, fosters unity, and self-knowledge. If you associate it with the purple aura, you’ll reflect the Crown chakra which links us to spirituality and ideas. Thoughts and actions, faith, meditation and prayer are what crown chakra makes use of to store energies. This way, it becomes easier to speak with the Divine nature.

The Aura Crown Centre is found at the astral body, at the crown of the head, where the skull joins the spine. Aura crown joins the seventh energy center in the chakra system. The aura crown center can be referred to as the head chakra. It is a supreme self. Petals symbolize our being. In petals, we have emotions, thoughts, and actions.

Each petal represents a different aspect of our being, such as emotions, thoughts, and actions. When petals open fully, they cause a global balance of the body, mind and spirit. A  lotus flower with several petals is associated with the aura crown center. They open fully to connect us to the Divine consciousness. Aura Crown

Features of the Aura Crown Centre

Here are some essential features: 


The color of the Aura crown center is the purple chakra while Crown Chakra is the violet. Violet is symbolic of cleanliness, divinity, and brightness.  


Consciousness is the seventh chakra element. The level of awareness of this aura is very high and can connect us to the spirit.

Sound (Seed Mantra) 

Mantra is the 7th Chakra. This sound is found in the universe. You can only hear the sound when the mind is quiet.

The Openings of Aura  Crown Center 

When the aura crown center is open, and there is a balance, you will see life from a positive standpoint because there will be apparent transformations in your attitude and emotions, such as appreciation, empathy, and admittance to your authentic self. This is the kind of spiritual awakening that can impact you positively. It will improve you physically and emotionally as follows:

Emotional Impacts 

  • Spiritual consciousness
  • Soundness of mind 
  • High level of empathy 
  • A sense of purpose 
  • Adjusted instinct 
  • Dwindled anxiety and stress 

Physical Symptoms

The endocrine system regulates the seventh chakra. This hormone includes the brain’s hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and pineal gland. The pineal gland can be found in the center of the brain. 

The brain is in charge of producing and maintaining the hormone melatonin which is joined closely to sleep and wake cycles. It is also responsible for monitoring the circadian rhythm or the clock in the system. A balanced chakra stimulates the pineal gland to:

  1. Mental coordination 
  2. Mood control
  3. Healthy sleep  
  4. Increased energy  
  5. Improved heart rate

The pineal gland plays a pivotal role in spiritual influence. It helps us access higher states of awareness. Aura Crown Center Blockage 

Aura Crown Center Blockage 

There could be manifestations of energy blockage that can impact you physically, mentally, and emotionally. When your aura crown center is blocked, you may have an unwillingness to be open to other ideas, thoughts, or knowledge. Some abnormalities like Psychosis, dissociation from your body, and feeling ungrounded may be some common signs that your aura crown center is blocked. Other issues to put into consideration are:

Emotional Symptoms 

  • Disinterest in life 
  • Depression  
  •  Focus malfunction
  • Confusion   
  • Mindlessness
  • Spiritual death

Physical Symptoms 

An imbalanced aura crown center can lead to a slow or hyper pineal gland. This can lead to:

  • Severe headaches
  • Loss of direction
  • Reactive to light and sound  
  • Insomnia  
  • Fatigue
  • Drowsiness  

If you observe any of these symptoms, it’s time to work on maintaining your aura crown center. You can do this through meditation, yoga poses, energy healing, and other practices that can lead you to your spiritual side and help you to find purpose and coordination in your life. 

Signs of imbalances in the Aura Crown Centre

Several signs of imbalance in the aura crown center in any layer of the body (physical, mental, emotional, and energetic) can make you retard and stagnate. An imbalanced aura crown center may act confused, distracted, lose focus, and feel disconnected.Physical Symptoms

Final Thought 

Aura Crown Center can help you feel more at ease. You will be able to suit yourself mentally with the ability to position yourself in the world around you. This brings about relaxation and clear-headedness. When your synergy increases between the physical and mental realms, it allows for a deeper connection with the spiritual realm. You can do various things on a mat to keep you fit. 

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