Black Color Aura : Meaning and Significance

black color aura

In spiritual or mystical beliefs, an aura is considered an energy field originating from a human. Aura can be of different colors and it keeps changing, representing various aspects of a person’s emotional, physical, and spiritual state.

Auras can be read and interpreted by aura reading or analyzing your color by defining your personality.

When a person knows his aura he can work on his spiritual and personal growth, so it’s important to know about your aura, WHether it is gold or black, when you are willing to know your aura, it’s the first step towards your further exploration and learning about your own.

Usually, vibrant and bright color auras are associated with ease and peace. However, dark auras are not always dark or sinister they can simply mean one is not spiritually and emotionally stable.

What Does A Black color Aura Mean?

A black color aura means someone who has dark energy. A black color aura is frequently associated with negative energy and emotions. It might indicate one is feeling low at a certain point in aura's association

Sometimes energies can come over us and make us feel low. Some interpretation suggests that black color aura can present as protection or grounding. It might act as a shield against negative influences and energies.

Just as a dark cloud passes black color aura can come into our life as we go through struggles with suppressed negative emotions like an unbalanced chakra.

Black color aura doesn’t mean you are a bad person or your personality reflects something bad, it just means your inner imitation and spiritual state are not well enough to cope with the world.Black aura meanig

What Does It Mean To Have a Black Aura?

1. Black auras mean you are overcome by negative feelings or energy

Aura is the revolving energy around your body that changes color to reflect your inner emotions and spiritual well-being. When it becomes black, it means you are going through a bad time in your life. The negative emotions that create a black aura are- grief, depression, loneliness, and grudge.

For example, if you are struggling to show your boundaries towards people you may feel an emotional and spiritual obstacle that’s blocking the energy flow between your charas and creating a black aura.

In that sense, we can say, the black aura is something that is a sigh of emptiness or something “missing” from your spiritual aura negative emotion

2. Black Aura Might Mean You’re Feeling Lost or Directionless

Black aura can appear if your core beliefs have been shaken, or maybe you feel so overwhelmed with grief or frustration that you have given up or feel defeated. Sometimes we feel stuck and passionless can allow darkness to creep in and even turn our aura black.

3. Black Auras are the Same As Dark or FIngy Auras of other color

Auras can be any color, bright like yellow or pink-can become dark as murky, or clouded with negative energy, when you feel down or frustrated. It’s a form of emotional blockage. Dark aura can not be the same as black aura, which is far more rare and indicates a more overwhelmed or complete energy aura describe

What Causes Black Aura?

Black aura is a term used in metaphysical, and spiritual contexts. Black aura describes the negative and dark energy of a person. People who believe in auras might interpret black aura in these ways:

Suppressed or Negative emotions

If you can’t express your feelings or can’t confront people who are doing something wrong with you, your auras might turn black. Sometimes black aura can appear because of events that are out of control. It can be caused by the death of a loved one, a battle with depression, or a lonely feeling. Those feelings don’t let you move forward as a result all the inner feelings get blocked. That’s why the aura turns black.

However, long-term grudges or an inability to forgive or forget others sometimes enable you to forgive yourself and can work as fuel for a black aura.

Physical Injury or Trauma

Aura can be defined physically. If a part of your body is not functioning well or if you are suffering from an injury, illness, or health problem related to the body part, a black patch aura can hover over your body. For example, if you have broken your leg and it’s depressing because you can’t play football, which is your favorite sport. It can cause a black blotch in your aura around and affect your physical and mental well-being.

Blocked And Unbalanced Chakras

Chakras are the spiritual wheel in your body that generates energy. Each chakra defines a different aura color associated with it. When all your chakras are perfectly functioning and balanced, the energy flows freely between them and the aura becomes radiant and bright.

Sometimes your aura can become dim or black until you clear your chakras.

Black auras don’t stem from one chakra, however, they can be related to the roots which makes your feeling valid from the deepest levels.dark sprite

Dark Spirits

A black aura can rarely mean a negative presence, like a spirit cast by someone else. Dark spirits can drain your energy. These forces are not always evil but can feed off your negative feelings and make the aura black.

A Black Aura Does Not Mean You’re Evil or A Bad Person

A black aura reflects your inner emotional state as depression or full of anxiety. But black auras give a vibe that turns people off from you which does not mean you are overall a bad person, rather it is just a phase that will go away with time. Every person experiences some black auras in their lives, but that doesn’t mean they are “Bad” or “Evil”.It’s natural for auras to turn black for some time, and they will eventually shift colors after you find yourself in tough circumstances. A black aura doesn’t define your personality.

No auras can define someone’s character, auras and chakras are normal stages of life that come with the events and circumstances shading your emotions and feelings by giving them a color to describe.

Remedies For Black Aura

Black auras can pass over time, but if you rely on time, it may take longer, however, you can practice some common remedies that can help to transform the black aura and cleanse your body and mind. Here are some remedies given:black aura tips

1. Meditation: 

People who are enriched with spirituality feel less depressed and down emotionally. However, regular medication can help clear your mind, reduce stress, and restore energy balance. Focus on visualizing light and positive energy surrounding you.

2. Energy Healing:

Pranic healing techniques can be used for energy healing. Experiencing the energy of your soul, developing inner stillness and greater clarity can increase your spiritual connection with unique meditation. Prana is to balance, harmonize, and transform the body’s energy process. Prana means life force in Sanskrit.

3. Grounding: 

Earth has so much positive energy that can heal us from anything.  Spending time with nature especially getting closer to the ground can help you get revived from the black aura. Spend time walking barefoot on grass, sand, or natural soil to directly connect with the earth.

Engage in activities like planting or digging to get physically in touch with the soil to let the earth absorb all the bad energies from you.

Bath with Epsom salt an element of ground that can help cleanse and ground your energies.

4. Crystaling:

Using crystal as a remedy for black aura means selecting certain stones for a certain color of aura or vibe to get cleansed, protected, and healed from negative energies.

Black tourmaline, Smoky Quartz,  and Obsidian have excellent grounding energies that help to remove powerful negative energies from people. Crystal lime Hematite helps you to connect with the earth and balance your energies. It’s also useful for absorbing negative energy and promoting stability.

How to Use Crystals for Cleansing a Black Aura

1. Wearing Crystals:

Wearing crystal jewelry, such as necklaces, and bracelets by keeping the energy close can help you defeat the black aura throughout the aura remover

2. Meditation:

Hold the crystal in your hand or place it on your body where you feel the black aura is coming from and focusing on the crystal energy by visualizing it cleansing your body can help to remove the black aura from your body.

3. Crystal Grids:

Creating a crystal grid by placing several crystals in specific patterns can help you enhance your energy and remove the black aura.

4. Carrying Crystals:

Keep a small crystal in your pocket or purse so that you get a positive vibe from it. Crystals that block negative energy such as Amethyst can keep you safe from bad auras.Black aura means


A black aura does not mean you’re an evil person. Understanding your aura, whether black or of any other color, can help you work on your spiritual and personal growth. It’s crucial to acknowledge that a black aura may indicate that you are experiencing negative emotions or energy, and it can serve as a signal to take steps to address these feelings and work towards balance and positivity. Whether it’s through aura cleansing, seeking spiritual guidance, or practicing self-care, acknowledging and addressing the root causes of a black aura can lead to personal growth and a more balanced spiritual well-being.

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