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funny Wednesday quotes

Every week seems to go by more slowly than the last. It’s only Wednesday, but have you ever thought the week was further along than it really was?It can be upsetting to feel like it should be the weekend already when it’s only half way through the week.

There is nothing worse than learning that you still have a few more days of a stressful or tiring week to go.There were weeks at my stressful job that seemed to go by very quickly and weeks that seemed to go on forever.This is why I made a list of my best Wednesday quotes.

What are funny Wednesday quotes?

On a Wednesday, which is usually the middle of the week, the quotes are meant to motivate and excite people. “Hump day” is often used to describe Wednesday because it marks the halfway point of the workweek and the start of the weekend.  What the quotes are really trying to do is give you hope and support to get through the week.

Why Should You Read Funny Wednesday Quotes?

If you’re having a bad Wednesday, reading some funny Wednesday quotes will help you remember that you’re not the only one.

There are still a few more days in the week, even though two days have already gone by. Reading Wednesday quotes can help you get through the last few days and enjoy them to the fullest.

You can laugh and feel better by reading funny Wednesday quotes.

A great way to deal with the stress of everyday life is to laugh.

Why Do People Call Wednesday Hump Day?

“Hump day” has been used to describe Wednesday since before the 1950s.

Wednesday is called “hump day” because it’s the day in the middle of the week that you need to get past to get to the weekend.

Many people started calling Wednesday “hump day” after the famous GEICO ad with the camel. This started in September 2013. You can watch the ad down below.

Funny Wednesday Quotes

  • “Something is very wrong when a day you know to be Wednesday starts to sound like Sunday.” – Wyndham John
  • It would be nice to have nine-day breaks if all of our national holidays fell on Wednesdays. – Carl Reiner
  • “The worst thing about Friday is realizing it’s already Wednesday.” -not known

  • “Wednesday can only wish it were Thursday.” – John T. Hincks
  • “I’m not being lazy on Wednesday; I’m just getting ready to be productive on Thursday and Friday.” – not known
  • “A dry hump day is a Wednesday when it doesn’t rain.” – Martin Demetri
  • “It was a Wednesday when people say “Back in the Day.” “Here’s something interesting for you.” — Cook, Dane
  • “I don’t hate Wednesdays, but they’re not my spirit animal for sure.” – not known
  • “They wanted Wednesday, not good.” – Author Robert A. Heinlein
  • It would be a sloth if Wednesday had a sign. – not known  

Wednesday Quotes Funny

  • “Help! How do you spell Wednesday that way?” This is Blake Shelton
  • “Always keep a bottle of wine in the fridge for those important days, like Wednesday.” – not known
  • It’s like Monday in the middle of the week on Wednesday! – Lee Williams Fox
Wednesday Quotes Funny
Wednesday Quotes Funny
  • “Wednesday: it’s almost, kind of, close to, just about almost the weekend.” – not known
  • “To be honest, I’d rather stay home and drink coffee on my unicorn than deal with this Wednesday business.” This is Kevin Eubanks.
  • “Today is Hump Day…It’s not as sad as Monday or as excited as Friday. – not known
  • “For some, today is the middle of the week. We think Wednesday is getting stomped on and Thursday is just asking Friday to switch places. – The Rock
  • “It’s Wednesday, but my mind is already thinking about the weekend.” – not known
  • “It’s Wednesday, and I’m not sure if I need a hug or a big cup of coffee…or both.” – not known
  • “Wednesdays are the hardest days to be patient and handle too much caffeine.” – not known
  • “Look forward to Wednesday—it’s the best day to call wearing sweatpants to work “casual attire.” – not known
  • “I got up and went somewhere else on Wednesday.” – not known  

Wednesday Motivational Quotes

  • “Today is Wednesday, a day to help other people enjoy life.” You are the only one responsible for what you do and give to other people. One smile not only makes you more valuable, it makes everyone you meet happy. – David Pulsifer
  • “Be strong, buddy! It’s now Wednesday, which is a reason to celebrate!” – not known
  • “Every Wednesday is like a shot of espresso to get you going.” – not known
Wednesday Motivational Quotes
Wednesday Motivational Quotes
  • “Don’t worry. It’s just Wednesday. There are still two days left. – not known
  • “Don’t give up! The weekend is almost here!” So you thought Wednesday wasn’t something to be happy about? – not known
  • “We can still do anything we set our minds to on Wednesday, which is the power hour.” – not known
  • If you think good thoughts, good things will happen. Have a nice Wednesday. Don’t give up. Think good thoughts. Take care of yourself and have a great morning. – not known
  • “Wednesday is here to save the day, no matter how bad Tuesday was.” – not known
  • “Don’t give up on Wednesday. Let it be the reason you keep going with a smile and drive. – not known
  • “Don’t feel down on Wednesday; the weekend is coming up soon!” – not known  

Funny Quotes About Wednesday

  • lm down, it’s Wednesday.” – not known
  • I’m as happy as a camel on a Wednesday. – not known (PS: It took me way too long to understand this quote the first time I heard it, before I saw the ad above. Hint: It’s late afternoon)
  • “I’d punch Wednesday in the face if it had one…”I’m not an angry person, though. – not known
  • “It’s Wednesday. With a coffee and a positive outlook, who needs Prince Charming?” – not known
  • “Hump day: tough people take a nap when things get tough.” – not known”It’s my job to make sure that people who work hard all week have fun on Saturdays and Wednesdays.” – Wenger Arsene
  • “Did you say it’s just Wednesday?” Please give me more coffee.” – not known

  • “When the glass isn’t quite half full or half empty on Wednesday but you know it needs to be filled up.” – not known
  • “Wednesday: When you realize you’ve worked two days and still have two more to go.” – not known
  • “Having the day off on Wednesday is like getting a short vacation in the middle of the workweek.” – not known
  • “Two days of the week get the middle finger on Wednesday.” – not known
  • “I’m not sure if Wednesday starts or ends the week…”It is tiring no matter what. – not known
  • “Wednesday without stress! If you worry, you’ll always have something to do, but you’ll never get anywhere. – not known  

Happy Wednesday Quotes

  • Have a great Wednesday! Be happy with who you are and what you’re supposed to do. Don’t try to be someone else because your gifts are special and will help you reach your own level of success. “Good day.” – Blake Pulsifer
  • “Have a great Wednesday!” – not known
  • “Happy Wednesday!” Be compassionate. Life to others. Learn to support people instead of criticizing them. When you help other people feel better, you’ll feel better too. – Tracy Edmonds

Happy Wednesday Quotes

  • “Happy Wednesday!” When life gives you lemons, change the order of the letters and SMILE.” – not known
  • “Happy Wednesday!” “Let’s take on today like it’s the last pizza slice in the break room.” – not known
  • “Happy Wednesday! Wednesday is the busiest day of the week, and Friday is the worst day of the week. – not known
  • “Today is a new day, the sun is shining, and I’m glad to be alive.” “Good morning, Wednesday!” – not known
  • “Happy Wednesday!” Today is a great day to start the week fresh with a new coffee cup, mind, and spirit. – not known
  • “Happy Wednesday!” The goal for today is to get through the day without any big meltdowns. – not known
  • “Remain strong, keep going, and drink coffee!” Everyone at work has a great Wednesday!” – not known
  • “Happy Wednesday!” Let’s get things done like Monday wishes it could be!” – not known  

Wednesday Inspirational Quotes

  • “I could be almost anything on Wednesday afternoons.” – K. Williams
  • “Weekend is still young…”Keep going!” – not known
  • “Wednesday will make you or break you.” Either you are going up or you are going down until the end of the work week. This Wednesday, give it everything you’ve got!” — Clare Pulsifer

  • “Don’t worry about the fact that it’s Wednesday. Don’t give up, stay upbeat, and drink coffee!” – not known
  • “Weekdays are the fastest way to go from slacker to superstar.” “Let’s do it!” – not known
  • “Today is not just another day to get things done; today is the best day to reach your goals.” – not known
  • “Why be average when you can become a great artist on Wednesday?” – not known
  • “Today is all about moving forward. Put the past behind you and look forward to what’s ahead. – not known
  • “Your doubts about Wednesday bother me… “Do not worry, the week is almost over.” – not known
  • “A happy face on a Wednesday means you’re going to have a great weekend!” – not known
  • “Today is Wednesday, the day we crush our goals and forget about any setbacks.” – not known
  • “Congratulations on a job well done this week so far! Today is Wednesday.” Then keep going!” – not known  

Wednesday Morning Quotes

  • “Hello there! I have parts of me that say, “Wow, it’s already Wednesday!” and “What do you mean, it’s only Wednesday?” – not known
  • “Every morning is a fresh start to a new world! New sights, goals, plans, and things await you…”It’s Wednesday morning, too.” – not known
  • “Get up and shine, it’s Wednesday!” “Let’s give this day a good kick.” – not known

Wednesday Morning Quotes

  • “Every Wednesday morning is like a pick-your-own-adventure book.” Is today going to be good or bad? You get to decide.” – not known
  • “Hello there! No matter what Wednesday brings, you can handle it… You can’t do anything else!” – not known
  • “Get up and smile today because Wednesday is going to be great.” – not known
  • “Good morning! Today is Wednesday!” It’s time for coffee, jokes, and maybe even some trouble. – not known
  • “If you let it, today will be a great Wednesday. “Have a good day, and everything else will work out.” – not known
  • “Hello Wednesday! Let’s go back to bed and act like it’s Saturday.” – not known
  • “Good morning, Wednesday! We’ll get over the week today and move on to the weekend. – not known
  • “I’d rather have Wednesday mornings that start later.” – not known
  • “Wake up Wednesday” is today. Today don’t just roll out of bed. If an early morning run will wake you up, get out of bed and do it. If you want to get ready for the day, listen to rock music. “Get a cup of coffee and get ready to face the day.” – not known  

Quotes About Wednesday

  • “Sometimes, on Wednesdays when the sky is blue and I have nothing else to do, I wonder if it’s true That who is what and what is who.” —Frosty the Bear
  • “The key to making it through Wednesday? A big smile, a few laughs, and an espresso shot!” – not known
  • “Today is Wellness Wednesday. “Take care of yourself, rest, and don’t stress out so much.” – not known
  • “On Wednesdays, we should return to our childhood and enjoy our love of recess.” – not known
  • “Wednesday comes along to save you from the midweek slump and get you through to Friday.” – not known
  • “Today is Wednesday!” I can breathe. I’m fine. I’m really lucky. “Thank you for this day.” – not known
  • “Work Out Wednesday is today. Push yourself to make a difference in your life. – not known

  • “On a Wednesday, nothing can cheer you up like a good cup of coffee and a funny meme.” – not known
  • If you don’t want to sound crazy, you can finally say “it’s almost the weekend” on Wednesday. – not known
  • “We can see Wednesday now that Tuesday is behind us.” Let’s work together to get through today!” – not known
  • “It’s time to face the world! At the very least, deal with Wednesday one cup of coffee at a time. – not known
  • “Walk Tall Wednesday is today. Keep your head up and walk tall. Today, don’t fade into the background. Have faith in yourself. – not known
  • On this fine Wednesday, let’s stop and think about how far we’ve come this week. – not known
  • “What a great day to show how strong you are and remind yourself that you’re a force to be reckoned with!” – not known  

Humor Wednesday Quotes

  • “Does Wednesday have to be a bad day?” “Think of them as little Friday nights!” – not known
  • “Except for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Wednesday is the happiest day of the work week!” – not known
  • “Let’s not celebrate on Friday, let’s party on Wednesday instead!” – not known

  • “Wednesday is like a roller coaster, but there are more lows than highs.” – not known
  • “Weekdays aren’t always good for me, but when they are, it’s because I remembered to bring snacks.” – not known
  • “Everything about Wednesdays is the same as Mondays, but with a better mood and better coffee.” – not known
  • “Monday may have tried to defeat us, but Wednesday is here to save the day!” – not known
  • “You don’t notice Wednesday mornings as much as you notice the middle child of the week. They’re full of surprises.” – not known
  • “A good hair day on Wednesday is like a good hair day: it’s rare and much appreciated.” – not known
  • “Every Wednesday, I take pride in being sarcastic.” – not known
  • “Okay! Monday and Tuesday, I did. I’d like to go straight to Friday.” – not known
  • “It’s Wednesday today, which means tomorrow is early Friday, and the following day is Friday.” That’s pretty much Friday.” – not known
  • “A fact of life: the calendar even says W T F after Monday and Tuesday…” – not known  

Wednesday Quotes For Work

  • “I really don’t have a reason to complain about my job.” Yes, every job has times when you think, “Oh, I see, it’s Wednesday.” But I’m lucky. “I love what I do.” – John David Campbell
  • “By Wednesday, it’s easy to complain about work.” You’re making money and a life, though. – not known
  • “Tomorrow is the peak of the workweek, but at least we’re halfway to the peak of the weekend!” – not known
  • “Wednesday is your chance to start over and get excited about work again.” – not known
  • “Remain happy, my friend! We all need to remember that we’re only one day away from retirement on Wednesday morning. – not known
  • “Wednesday is the magical day when optimism and motivation meet and make you work a lot!” – not known
  • “Work Hard Wednesday” is today. Today, Wednesday, remind yourself that your hard work will pay off. You should always do your best. Do your best in everything you do today instead of just putting it in. Every day, try to work hard and see how much of a difference it makes. – not known
  • “Happy Wednesday! Let’s go after this Wednesday like a cat after a gazelle…or at least like a tired office worker with a coffee in hand!” – not known
  • Today should be the kind of Wednesday that makes your boss wonder if you’re really a superhero. – not known
  • “This Wednesday, go big or go home! But if possible, do well at work and then go home. – not known
  • “It’s Wednesday, and you’re ready to crush it.” So go ahead and make it happen!” – not known  

Wednesday Wisdom Quotes

  • “Today could be a hump day or a day to remember.” You make the choice.” – not known
  • “Every Wednesday is like a piñata: you have to break through the tough shell to get to the fruit inside.” – not known
  • “Today is Wednesday—the day when we turn impossible deadlines into possible wins!” – not known
  • “In the middle of the week, Wednesdays are like speed bumps.” – not known

  • “Almost there, but not quite there yet in terms of fun. Let’s take Wednesday like a pro!” – not known
  • “Today is Wednesday!” I can breathe. I’m fine. I’m really lucky. “Thank you for this day.” – not known
  • “Today is a great day to let out your inner hustle… “Pretend to let something out.” – not known
  • It’s a lot like Monday, but Wednesday is in the middle of the week and you’re not quite as fresh. – not known
  • “Keep your head up and drink a lot of coffee.” We got this, even though it’s only Wednesday!” – not known
  • “Grateful it’s Wednesday! The small steps that will get you to the finish line this weekend!” – not known  

Wacky Wednesday Quotes

  • “I love how crazy work can get on Wednesdays.” – not known
  • “Have a crazy Wednesday!” – not known
  • “We wear pink every Wednesday.” – Bad Girls
  • “Have a crazy Wednesday!” “Remember to laugh and smile every once in a while.” – not known
  • “Oh, wait, that’s Thursday. I wear pink on Wednesdays.” “Every Wednesday, I put on a brave face.” – not known

  • “Happy Wednesday! “Let’s get our happy dance on and shake off those midweek blues.” – not known
  • “I’d rather think of Wednesday as ‘we-getting-there’ day than ‘hump day.'” – not known
  • “You have to be a little strange to rule Wednesdays.” – not known
  • “Happy Wednesday! “Let’s make today so great that Monday wishes it was today.” – not known
  • “Today is Wednesday, which means we can wear sweatpants to work and say it’s the spirit of the day.” – not known
  • “Wednesday: The middle of the workweek and the beginning of the weekend.” – not known
  • “We wear pink every Wednesday…”or shorts, whatever feels good.” – not known  

What To Do With Funny Wednesday Quotes 

These Wednesday quotes can help you get through the week in a number of ways.

  • Put them where you can see them, like on your desk, in your locker, or on your bathroom mirror at home.
  • Give them to your friends to help them get through the week.
  • Have someone email or show them to you.
  • Share them on social media with your family and friends.  

Final Thoughts On Funny Wednesday Quotes 

The middle of the week can be a bit dull, but funny Wednesday quotes can make you feel better. Wednesday is always a good day to check in with yourself and plan what you can do to improve your week.

They have the power to make you feel better, lower your stress, and smile. Funny Wednesday quotes can make your day better and the workweek more fun. You can find them on websites, social media, or make your own.

You should feel better after reading these funny Wednesday quotes. They might give you the energy to get through the rest of the week. 

Funny Wednesday Quotes Article FAQs

Q.What are some funny Wednesday quotes?

A: Funny Wednesday quotes are silly sayings or sentences that make you laugh and feel better during the middle of the week. They often make fun of the fact that it’s Wednesday, which is the middle of the workweek, and offer comedic relief to make the day better.

Q.Where can I find funny words for Wednesday?

A: You can find funny Wednesday quotes on many places, like websites, social media, and groups of quotes. There are often areas on websites that are just for humor or quote collections that are just for Wednesday quotes. You can also find funny quotes that other people have posted on social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

Q.How can funny Wednesday quotes make my day better?

A: Reading funny Wednesday quotes can make you feel better, make you laugh, and add some fun to your day. Laughter is known to lower stress, improve happiness, and make people more productive. This means that adding funny quotes to your Wednesday can make the day more fun and help you smile through the rest of the week.

Q.Can I share funny Wednesday quotes with other people?

A: Of course! Funny Wednesday quotes are meant to make people laugh and smile. You can post them on social media sites, with your friends and coworkers, or both. You can use them as subject lines for your Wednesday-themed posts, emails, or even group talks.

Q.Are funny Wednesday quotes appropriate for the office?

A: It depends on where you work and how the company works. Some places of work like a fun setting and good humor, so adding funny Wednesday quotes is a great way to boost morale. But it’s important to think about whether the quotes are appropriate for the work setting and the situation in general before sharing them.

Q: Can I create my own funny Wednesday quotes?

A: Of course! If you’re funny and creative, you can make up your own Wednesday quotes that are funny. You can play with words, use jokes, or come up with funny things to say about Wednesdays. Making your own quotes gives them a more personal touch and lets you make them fit your own sense of fun. 

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