How to Overcome Negative Energy with Powerful Quotes

Negative Energy Quotes

Are you trying to find something positive in your life right now? If this is the case, you’re probably surrounded by bad energy. Negative energy works like a vacuum, sucking optimism, joy, laughter, and lightheartedness from everything it can.

If you are not careful, it can be tough to determine how to shield yourself from negative energy. That’s why I’ve produced a list of my favorite negative energy quotes to help you stay positive. 

What are negative energy quotes?


Sayings or expressions that show negative feelings, attitudes, or influences in your life are called negative energy quotes. These words show what negativity is all about and how it affects people and the world around them. Quotes about negative energy are meant to show how bad negativity is and to push people to see it and do something about it.

A lot of bad energy quotes talk about how important it is to have a good mindset, be positive, and be strong. As reminders, they help us be aware of bad effects and take measures to fight them. People may be motivated by these words to stay away from unhealthy people or situations, let go of grudges and resentments, and focus on their own health and growth.

The main point of unpleasant energy quotes is to make people aware of how negativity hurts them and encourage them to make choices that support happiness, peace, and their mental health. They tell people to surround themselves with good energy, take care of themselves, and come up with ways to keep bad things from happening. 

Why should you read bad energy quotes?


 Hatefull quotes will help you remember how important it is to keep your energy and peace safe from bad energy.

Keeping the bad vibes away is important if you want to feel as much joy as possible. 

  • Being self-aware means being aware of the bad things happening in your life.
  • Drive yourself to make good changes in your relationships, thoughts, and actions.
  • Change of perspective: Look at tough events with a fresh eye and look for chances to grow.

  • Validation of emotions: Know that you’re not alone in feeling bad and that your feelings are real.
  • Contrast to help you understand: Gain a deeper respect for the good things in your life.
  • Inspiration for positive change: Help yourself grow positive energy and make decisions that are good for your health.
  • “Rise above other people’s bad energy.” Refuse to let their bad mood affect you. Allow your good energy to cancel out their bad energy instead. Sanders Bodhi
  • “All the bad energy in the world can be turned into good energy by purging my soul through music.” That’s how strong music can bee.” —Wow Bow
  • “Don’t let other people’s bad energy ruin your peace of mind.” not known

  • “Have faith in yourself always. Don’t let anyone around you who is bad affect you. Block them out completely. Because of what you think about yourself, you become. — King Michael Jackson
  • “People who have bad energy need drama like air needs oxygen.” Do not give up; it will take their breath away. not known
  • I want to remind you, friend, to enjoy both planning and completing things. Life is too short for bad vibes. Jackie Chan
  • “I believe that we must first accept ourselves as we are.” I do believe that girls are taught from a young age that curling their hair is correct, but it’s not. Stop letting the bad energy in and do what makes you feel good. What makes you look beautiful is what makes you feel good.” by Maria Borges
  • If you want to calm down bad energy without pushing it away or fighting it, there are many ways to do it. You notice it, smile at it, and ask for something better to take its place. For example, you could read some encouraging words, listen to some beautiful music, go outside, or do some walking meditation. Thích Hả
  • “Negative energy is a dangerous pollutant that can damage your mind and spirit.” not known
  • It’s not important to me that other people think a certain way about me; that shouldn’t change how I feel or what I believe. – Barley Dias 

Quotes on Negative Energy

  • “Forgiving someone doesn’t mean you agree with what they did.” You have to forgive someone in your own mind. It’s not about the other person at all. Forgiving someone means letting go of the pain. The only purpose is to free yourself from bad energy. L. Hay
  • “Be careful about who you let into your energy space at all times. Some people might mess up your energy so badly that you can’t get it back. Be still and pray a lot.” Xinindlu Mitta
  • “Learning how to deal with different types of people is important, but really toxic people will never be worth your time or energy, and they use up a lot of both.” Toxic people add worry, trouble, and unnecessary complexity to your life. Bradberry Travis

  • “It’s a waste of energy to wish for a different past.” There is no sin or bad energy in the pure world of your infinite spiritual self. There is only kindness, learning, love that doesn’t depend on anything, and forgiveness. Remind yourself and the people around you of this: “In God’s light, everything is made whole and healed.” —Scott Wilde
  • “Someone who complains is like a Death Eater because they pull in bad energy.” Being around good people will make you feel good. Corcoran, Barbara
  • “Don’t let negative people who are negative take up space in your head.” Boost the rent and get rid of them”—not” known
  • “Positive energy is grouping, integrating, and growing.” On the other hand, negative energy is just anything that disconnects, splits, lowers energy, or lowers frequency. Positive, on the other hand, raises the frequency and helps us see things in a bigger picture. On the other hand, bad energy breaks things up, which makes them harder to handle. This is Darryl A. Anka.
  • You can only get rid of bad energy if you break the cycle and choose good energy. not known
  • “You won if you ended a toxic, negative, abusive, one-sided, dead-end, low-vibrational relationship or friendship.” Delia Lalah 

Ignore bad energy quotes.

  • “Don’t get caught up in other people’s storms.” Bring them into your peace. not known
  • “Women have great opportunities all over the world, and I believe that positive energy around them leads to more good than bad energy.” Mayer, Marissa
  • “Negative energy will go away if you don’t pay attention to it or react to it.” not known

  • “Being negative takes a lot of strength.” You need to put in the work. But laughing doesn’t hurt. I’d rather use my energy to smile.” David Davis
  • “Honor yourself enough to say, “I deserve peace,” and then leave the people or things that are stopping you from getting it.” not known
  • “Women vibrate at a slightly different rate that makes it easy for kundalini to flow.” But this is a problem because women also pick up bad energy, and it hurts them more. Lenz Frederick
  • “Distance is how I now respond. I don’t give back bad energy. I take myself away”—not” known
  • “You won’t lose your inner peace even when there are a lot of threats if you keep a positive attitude.” However, you won’t be happy if your mind is filled with fear, suspicion, and a sense of helplessness, even if you’re with your best friends and everything is nice and comfy. The Dalai Lama
  • “Don’t let bad energy take away your hopes and dreams.” not known
  • “Here’s some advice: get rid of people who drain your energy, simplify everything, put together a team that lets you fly, get rid of anything harmful, and enjoy the simplicity of things.” So smart people can live there.” Thanks, Robin S. Sharma
  • “Be careful about who you let into your energy space at all times. Some people might mess up your energy so badly that you can’t get it back. Be still and pray a lot.” Xinindlu Mitta 

Quotes About Bad Energy

  • “Energetic people spread it.” If you spread bad energy, you will finally start to take it in. not known
  • “Toxic friends are like arsenic in that their negative, poisonous energy slowly kills you.” not known
  • “Being around negative people drains your energy. Don’t let negative things happen around you; instead, fill your space with love and food. Dr. Deepak Chopra

  • “No bad energy is allowed here.” not known
  • “If you send negative energy to someone on purpose, that’s exactly what you’ll get back in return.” Dewan Jenna
  • “I think the better the show, the more likely it is that you have a lot of good people that can keep it going.” Things tend to fall apart in the end if there is bad energy. John Jacobson
  • “Thinking too much makes you feel bad. Do good things and think good thoughts.” not known
  • Stay away from people who are negative. For every answer, they have a problem. “Einstein” said
  • It’s easier to live when you get rid of unnecessary stress. not known
  • “Your face shows that you are not forgiving.” When you hold on to negative energy, it pulls down on your facial muscles, making your frown deeper and giving you lines around your mouth. The best and cheapest way to get a facelift is to work on healing every day. This includes forgiving yourself and your enemies. It only needs love and control.” Thanks, Sarah Miles
  • “Some people can’t do anything without negative energy because it makes them feel good to put other people down.” not known
  • “Everything bad that happens to you is just a drop of rain in the ocean of your happiness.” Mahesh Yogi Maharishi
  • “Poor energy is like a dark cloud that blocks out the world’s beauty and wonder.” – not known 

Get Rid of Negative Energy Quotes

  • “Burning sage changes the energy in the house, so if you’ve been arguing or feeling stressed, it gets rid of the bad energy.” Rose Karen
  • To get rid of bad people who bring you down doesn’t mean you hate them. It only means you love yourself. not known
  • “Always think of an enlightened teacher in a good way.” When you send bad energy to a powerful person, it comes back to you in a devastating way. Lenz Frederick

  • “Any bad energy around here is not welcome.” “Go on.” not known
  • “Leaving a place that was bad for my mental health and me was the best thing I could have done.” By Adam Goodes
  • Sage, juniper, rosemary, or lavender can be burned to get rid of bad energy. not known
  • “I understood that I should be careful about what I think if it changes my body right away.” I now ask myself why I’m mad when I feel angry. I can change my angry energy into something good if I can figure out where it comes from. The late Yoko Ono
  • “Don’t let people who are always negative bring you down to their level.” Instead, think about how they should have behaved and be thankful that you are not like them. not known
  • “You might want to move forward in your life, but you might have one foot on the brakes.” We need to learn how to let go in order to be free. Let go of the pain. Let go of your fear. Don’t think about your old pain. You can’t start a new life because of all the energy you use to hold on to the past. What are you going to let go of today?” Morrissey, Mary Manin
  • Master the skill of avoiding bad vibes. There will be a lot less work for you to do. not known
  • “If you’ve ever met an energy vampire (and you probably have), you’ll know right away that this person needs to feed off of other people’s energy.” Someone who is an energy leech is always needy, which can be overwhelming and draining for those who are around them. María Sol
  • Take a turn and go in a different direction. Negative energy is like a road that leads nowhere. – not known 

Quotes About Negative Energy

  • People lose friends when they find out that the other person smiles at them and talks about them as soon as they leave the room. There is no more room in my life for that kind of bad energy. — Bush Sophia
  • “Work on making things that are creative, useful, and empowering.” You won’t have to fight against things that are harmful and draining all the time. Marston Ralph
  • “Don’t let other people’s bad vibes drain you.” not known

  • “There are times when it seems like most people are caught in bad energy, but then you meet strong people or leaders who are not affected by it.” The Sakyong Mipham
  • Sometimes bad energy will knock on your door, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it in. not known
  • It feels like energy is all around us. Energy is both Yin and Yang, which means it is both good and bad. The energy wants to get back to balance, and when the good and bad energies crash back together, you give them freedom and direction, making lightning. As soon as you split the energy, you are no longer in charge of it; you are just its humble guide. “First breathe.” Iroh Uncle
  • Every kind of energy can spread, whether it’s good or bad. I will always be careful about what and who I let into my space. not known
  • “The bad energy of a storm helps an eagle fly even higher.” Thomas Eric
  • “Never let people into your life who have low self-esteem, no goals, a bad attitude, and are stressful.” They take all of your good energy and make you feel average. Stay away from them at all times, and save your jet fuel for trips farther away. The Lord Robin


Bad energy quotes

  • Bad energy will be sent back to the person who sent it. not known
  • “I believe that pain is the best emotion for writing songs.” You can write good happy songs, but I think the ones that are loud and sad work better. I find it easier to write them when I’m hot under the collar. It’s a good way to get rid of that bad energy. Levine Adam
  • “Don’t let depressing people drain your strength. Pay attention to your good vibes and kill them with kindness. Energy vampires can’t stand up to your good energy.” John Gordon

  • “Your life can be used in a very smart and useful way.” You can definitely change that bad energy into good energy that gives you strength and gives your life meaning. —Thich Nhat Hanh
  • If you want to keep negative energy out of your energy field, that is your spiritual job and divine right. “Do not let anyone walk through your mind with their dirty feet,” said the wise Mahatma. Alan St. Maarten
  • “Don’t get mad if they say bad things about you. For things to grow and develop, they need dirt. Dirt makes you more unique. Dirt helps you get through things. You only need to push through the dirt. Grow!” Philip Ranatta
  • “To fight the bad forces, the world needs a lot of positive energy.” Get in touch with your inner self and send out happy energy for the good of all people. Says Amit Ray
  • “Your energy makes people feel good. Either your actions have an effect on people or they get sick.” not known
  • “Being in a relationship with a negative person is like being in a boring meeting with a porcupine.” Not even close to knowing how to get close to them without getting shot at with quills. David L. Alder 


No bad Energy Quotes

  • “Don’t bring bad things to my door.” Quotes by Maya Angelou
  • “As time goes on, I try harder not to waste my time on bad things.” This is Christine Baranski.
  • It is great to feel loved, but there is also a lot of bad energy coming at me. To be honest, I don’t care about it. As soon as I started reading it all, it made my head spin.” Miller Sienna

  • “Allow yourself to leave things that are making you feel bad.” You don’t need to tell anyone about yourself. Have faith in yourself. not known
  • “Don’t go into reaction mode as soon as you sense negative energy.” Take a deep breath and calm down. That was Neale. Trump Walsch
  • “We change people, but sometimes we focus so much on the bad people in our lives and how they affect us that we forget how strong we are as good people.” This is Michelle Gielan.
  • “I understood that I should be careful about what I think if it changes my body right away.” I now ask myself why I’m mad when I feel angry. I can change my angry energy into something good if I can figure out where it comes from. By Yoko Ono
  • “Take yourself out of conversations with bad energy.” They’re not going to help you anyway. not known
  • “Being in a relationship with a negative person is like being in a boring meeting with a porcupine.” Not even close to knowing how to get close to them without getting shot at with quills. David L. Alder 

Remove negative energy quotes.

  • “If you want to be great, you have to be able to take criticism.” Regardless of whether it is accurate, It works out well for you because of that. You can create positive energy that pushes you to be better than you thought you were. One thing I did was that.” By DeMar DeRozan
  • “I will attract more negative energy if I stay negative.” The Metro Boomin song
  • “Negative energy catches everything it touches like a virus.” not sure

  • “Don’t deal with a toxic, negative, and draining person for another minute.” Certain individuals are naturally inclined to be negative. They love arguing, fighting, and being mean. Immediately run for your life.” That was Les Brown.
  • “Stop paying attention to people whose bad vibes are making you unhappy.” Ignore them, plain and simple. Not saying anything. They should not be let into your space in any way. not sure
  • “Fly toward your goals and stay away from bad people and situations.” Peter Crone
  • It may be just me, but all artists have to deal with negative emotions at some point or another. For me, though, it’s probably more specific.” —John Lennon Sean
  • “Every day a dose of positive energy that is so strong that it wears out every doubt as the gap between the dream and reality grows smaller.” Jones, Curtis Tyrone
  • “I take in some of the bad energy that other people have”—T.” Babies

Getting Rid of Negative Energy Quotes

  • “If you are meditating, negative energies can’t affect you.” According to Jaggi Vasudev,
  • “Sorry, bad energy. “We do not want you here.” Baquiran, Karen A.
  • “Remember that needing something to change will always bring you bad energy and hold it against you.” Finding a way to get excited about what it will become will bring good energy and help make the changes you want to see happen. Lynne Grabhorn

  • “Being thankful changes bad energy into good energy.” There is no situation or event that is too big or too small, thanks to change. Beattie, Melody
  • “The more you give bad energy, the stronger it gets and the more dangerous it is.” Get it off of you. not known
  • “Keep your good looks away from people who are negative about you. They might look at them with an evil eye and ruin your good qualities with their poisonous tongues.” This is Michael Bassey Johnson.
  • “I don’t support violence or bad vibes.” I don’t agree with people putting down other people. – Lil B 

Releasing Negative Energy Quotes

  • “I had a hard childhood, but I turned all that bad energy into something good to fuel me.” I’m a very motivated person. People are almost scared of how much I want to be great and make it no matter what. John David Goggins

  • “I don’t want to be hooked up with anything bad.” I do not want bad energy. I want only good things to be around me. Says Kendra Wilkinson
  • “The energy we have affects our health.” We don’t live as long as people did in the past, Yugas. We’re made up of power lines. Lenz Frederick
  • “If you let negative energy affect you, it will.” John James Van Praagh
  • “Life is funny; once you start to think about what you’re thankful for, you lose sight of what you don’t have.” German: Kent
  • “Negative energy makes you feel bad, but positive energy makes you feel good and gives you ideas.” not known
  • “Standing up for yourself doesn’t always mean getting into a fight.” It’s important not to waste time or energy on bad people. Argov Sherry 
  • “Keep all the bad energy away and just love.” by Ariana Grande
  • “People who hate always lose. I believe that about life in general, since bad energy always has a return. Chris Hemsworth
  • “Using negative energy is a waste.” “Khouda Diop”

  • “Be around more positive people and spend less time with negative people. Soon, it will rub off on you too.” Andy Brown
  • “When your energy is negative, it feels like you’re getting something for nothing.” It was Neil deGrasse Tyson.
  • “You’ll never be able to move forward if you give yourself negative energy all the time.” not known
  • “Pause right away for a moment if you think of other people in a jealous or angry way. It will bring you down and send you bad vibes. Stop and fix yourself at that point.” Lenz Frederick 
  • “Surround yourself with positive souls and let go of the negative energy weighing you down.”

  • “Don’t let negative energy consume your thoughts; focus on the positive and watch your life transform.”


  • “Keep your energy safe. “Not everyone should be able to sit at your table.”


  • “Negative energy is like a dark cloud; it can overshadow your potential if you let it.”
  • “Release the negative energy that no longer serves you and make room for positivity to flow.”


  • “Don’t let other people’s bad thoughts dim your light.” “Shine brightly and let their darkness go.”

  • “Negativity takes away your happiness.” Make a positive choice and get back what’s yours.


  • “Surround yourself with those who lift you higher, and watch as the negative energy fades into the background.”


  • “The more you think about the bad things, the worse they will get.” Pick happiness and break free.”


  • “Poison is what negative energy is.” Stay positive and develop a healthy attitude to keep yourself safe. 


Letting Go of bad Energy Quotes

  • “Do not begin reacting as soon as you sense negative energy.” Relax and take a deep breath.” Neal Ivan Walsch
  • It’s not really a secret what you’re thinking. Their personalities come through in your energy. Energy says things that you don’t say. By Drishti Bablani
  • “Running is good for our bodies and helps us concentrate and get rid of bad energy.” James Taslim

  • “Don’t cut down a tree in the winter.” When you’re feeling down, never make a bad choice. If you are feeling bad, don’t make the most important choices. Wait. Do not rush. The storm will be over soon. Spring is on the way.” Robert H. McCuller
  • It’s true that negative energy can stop you from reaching your goals and dreams. not sure
  • Stones will be thrown at you when you fly high. Look up instead of down. “Just fly higher to stay away from the rocks.” Writer Chetan Bhagat
  • Clear quartz can boost energy and thoughts and is called the “master healer.” Negative energy is pulled away by it, and it can cancel out background radiation. It brings the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes back into balance and gives them new life. Emma Watson 
  • “The longer you stay with or complain about a toxic person, the longer you put off doing the important inner work you need to do to heal your wounds, change your limiting beliefs, and love and respect yourself a lot more.” Mary Salmansohn
  • We don’t have to get along with everyone at work, but if I sense bad energy from someone, I try to stay away from them. This is Mario Mandzukic.
  • “I think things will go pretty smoothly if I just do the opposite of what my dad did.” It used to hurt, but now I can joke about it. It’s gone now that I have a child. I was able to turn all of my bad energy into good energy. Rose Derrick

  • “Thinking and acting in a positive way is the only way to get rid of negative energy.” not known
  • “Because they are so open, sensitive souls let other people’s bad vibes in.” John Grey
  • “Spending time in the wrong place will drain your energy.” German: Kent
  • “I hate sending out bad vibes into the world.” But it’s either inside or outside. It’s either get an ulcer or fight.” Van Etten, Sharon 
  • “Positivity drives away negativity.” Robert Liano
  • Finally, picture yourself as a level 10 person after putting in a lot of work. Now, how big or small is this level 5 problem? There’s no need to worry about it. Your brain doesn’t even think about it as a problem. It doesn’t have any bad energy around it. “Taking care of it is just normal, like brushing your teeth or getting dressed.” Harv Eker T.
  • “People you love and people you fear are the only ones who can drain your energy.” You are the one who let them in both times. They didn’t try to get into your energy or reality by force. Alan St. Maarten

  • “There is only energy in the world. If you match the frequency of the world you want, you will get it. There is no other way for it to be. Philosophical talk is not this.” This is how physics works.” “Einstein” said
  • It is said that negative energy is a harmful force that can break even the strongest people. not known
  • “To be honest, anyone can say bad things about me. When 50 Cent said something, everyone told him, “You need to get at 50.” I told them, “Whatever. I’m in a whole different place in my life.” Anything really, really bad will have to happen before I start putting that much bad energy back into the world.” Rich man for life
  • “Any negative energy that comes at you can be turned around and used to beat your enemy and help you rise.” Jackson Clay 


There is bad energy everywhere. You will run into it from something or someone, no matter what you do to try to avoid it.


You can keep your peace and start to grow if you are ready for it and learn how to protect yourself from it.

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