How to Heal from Narcissistic Mother Quotes

Toxic Narcissistic Mother Quotes

Quotes from a Toxic Narcissistic Mother . This is not what I would wish for the world. Every child would be able to have a safe, loving, and friendly childhood.

This would make the world a better place and solve 99.9% of the world’s troubles, in my opinion.

Too many kids don’t have a perfect childhood, and some are even abused, and a selfish mother can be a big reason for that.

When you grow up in a dangerous place, you experience trauma as a child, which can cause a lot of problems later on, like anxiety, sadness, physical health problems, and burnout.

I put together the best collection of words about toxic, narcissistic mothers to help you feel less alone in your feelings. 


What is a narcissist?


A narcissist is someone who thinks they are better than others, doesn’t care about other people, and is always looking for praise.

Narcissists often overestimate their own achievements and skills, fixating on acquiring more power, success, or attention from others.

  • They focus too much on themselves and talk about themselves all the time. Not understanding or empathizing with others’ feelings
  • Expecting special treatment due to a sense of privilege
  • Need for attention, approval, and praise all the time.
  • Individuals who exploit and mistreat others in order to achieve their own desires
  • Having pride, feeling superior to others, and believing in their own superiority
  • Having a lot of envy and jealousy for other people
  • Not wanting to take responsibility for their actions or be held accountable for them.
  • Breaking limits and not caring about other people’s personal boundaries
  • The use of deceptive speech techniques to control and trick other people 


Why should you read toxic, narcissistic mother quotes? 


Being a child can make you feel alone, but being a child in a home where someone hurts you can make you feel even more alone. Abuse survivors often remain silent about their experiences, and some individuals only recognize their childhood as abnormal in adulthood.

Reading quotes about toxic, narcissistic moms can help you feel better and realize that you’re not the only one who has been through this. 

Benefits of Toxic Narcissistic Mother Quotes:

Reading toxic narcissistic mother quotes can serve several purposes and have various benefits.

Validation and recognition

If you’ve had a toxic, narcissistic mother, reading quotes that talk about the behaviors and patterns of that relationship can help you feel better. It helps you see that your problems are not special and that other people have dealt with similar ones.

Understanding and Clarity

Quotes can help you understand the traits and actions of toxic, narcissistic moms. Reading these words can help you better understand the bigger picture, which can help you make sense of your own feelings and experiences.

Emotional Healing

To help with emotional healing, reading words about bad narcissistic moms can be helpful. It lets you recognize and deal with the hurt, anger, and confusion that the connection may have caused. It might help you let go of feelings that have been building up.

Self-reflection and personal growth

Quotes can help you think about yourself and reflect. They want you to think about your own feelings, actions, and thoughts in relation to your bad relationship with your mother. This kind of self-reflection can help you grow as a person, learn more about yourself, and find better ways to deal with problems.

Establishing Boundaries and Ensuring Your Well-being

Quotes about toxic, narcissistic moms can help you set limits and put your own health first. They tell you how important it is to stay away from harmful people and create healthier relationships and environments.

Looking for help and support

Reading words can motivate you to find help from people who have been through similar things. It might make you want to join support groups, go to therapy, or get in touch with people who can help and understand. 


Here are some quotes about narcissistic mothers.

  • “Most narcissistic moms feel like being a mom is a burden, and they like to brag about how much work it is.” Amy Piper
  • “A narcissistic mother’s tricks and attempts to gaslight her children can make it hard for them to believe what they see and hear.” not known
  • “Children of narcissistic mothers often feel guilty and ashamed, which makes it hard for them to set healthy limits.” – Gibson Lindsay C.

  • “A mother who is narcissistic doesn’t see her child as a separate person, but as an extension of herself.” This is Karyl McBride.
  • “A narcissistic mother will talk about every little thing about your life for hours on end, but she keeps her own life very private.” She’s going to lie about you, but she’ll punish you for telling them what she did. ― Gail Meyers
  • “It can be hard for her kids to feel safe and grounded when their mother is narcissistic and doesn’t show consistency or stability.” not known
  • “A narcissistic mother will blame other people for her problems and rarely say sorry or take responsibility for her own actions.” -not known
  • “Mothers who are narcissistic will often put their own wants and needs ahead of those of their children, even when it comes to basic things like food and shelter.” not known
  • “You are not responsible for your mom’s happiness.” It’s never been.””—not known


  • “Narcissists make it seem like they are the victim or completely innocent in every way.” The truth will make them angry. Someone will see things done in the dark.  It takes time for people to show their true colors. Kiera Grimes
  • “Narcissistic moms often exploit the weak spots in their children to control and trick them.” not known
  • “Mothers who are narcissistic will often use their kids to meet their own emotional needs instead of giving them the help they need.” -not known
  • “One way to describe narcissism is that a child of a narcissistic parent doesn’t see himself in the mother’s face or in her happiness; instead, the child of the narcissistic parent thinks, ‘What can I do to make her happen?'” Shirley Sullivan 


Explore Narcissistic Mom Quotes

  • “Mothers who are narcissistic will often use their kids to show other parents they are the best by competing with them.” not known
  • “Narcissistic parents expect their kids to be loyal and devoted, even if it means putting their kids’ needs and wants last.” JL Hall
  • “It can be hard to develop a healthy sense of self when your mother is narcissistic because she is always telling you what you should be.” not known

  • Parents who are narcissistic don’t think about how their kids feel at all. It only matters how they feel. Saeed Kim
  • “A toxic, narcissistic mother can leave deep scars that affect every part of a person’s life, even if they can’t be seen.” not known
  • A lot of the time, narcissistic moms use gifts and money to control their kids instead of loving and supporting them. not known
  • “You have to walk away sometimes.” Don’t keep up bad family ties; they hurt you more than they help. And start building a new picture of a healthy family in your life, away from unhealthy family members. not known
  • If you try to talk to a narcissistic parent about their behavior and they get angry, that’s how they usually act. This is Diana Macey.
  •  Growing up with a narcissistic mother may have subjected you to abuse and shame for things you never did throughout your life.  When someone tells you that you are not enough, you feel toxic shame. You might think you’re not good enough or loved. Arcuri Dana

Toxic mom quotes

  • “All you rude and toxic moms out there should know that your bad behavior will come back to haunt you when your kids are grown up.” Zulu Samuel
  • “This kind of mother talks a lot but never listens, and she gives advice but never takes it.” —Miss Sherrie Campbell
  • “I’m going to tell my mother the truth, which is something she never did for me.” ― Rayne Wolfe

  • Your mom is already an adult and responsible for her own decisions, just like you are. It’s not your job to raise her, so it’s not your fault that she’s bad. not known
  • “Toxic moms are selfish parents, which is why they are controlling and possessive with their kids in the first place.” Zulu Samuel
  • “A mother who doesn’t love her child takes away their sense of belonging.” If someone wants to join, they may search for it their entire life. She’s Peg Streep
  • “Toxic mothers care more about appearances than love.” Campbell, Sherrie
  • “Children love healthy moms, but they hate toxic moms.” Zulu Samuel
  • “My abusive mother can only scare me if I let her.” As an adult, I can reject her, ignore her, or report her to the police while she’s trying to pick on the kid. ― Rayne Wolf
  • “If someone is toxic and can’t control you, they will try to control how other people see you.” It will feel unfair to hear the false information, but you stay above it because you believe that other people will finally see the truth as you did. That’s Jill Blakeway.
  • “Your toxic parent might be able to charm complete strangers, your friends, and even family members who live far away.” Everything about this makes you look like a bad guy. not known

  • “Many kids whose parents are abusive have a really hard time figuring out who they are as adults.” Ira Thorpe
  • “A mother who doesn’t love her child takes away their sense of belonging.” If someone wants to join, they may search for it their entire life. not known
  • “Trust and love build families, making them like homes.” “A bad family can never be a home because there is no foundation.” not known
  • “Relaxing yourself comes first when you say “no” to a bad family.” not known 


Quotes from a Toxic Narcissistic Mother

  • “Your self-centered parent may make you feel bad about yourself, making you think you’re not good enough, lazy, or effective, among other negative thoughts and feelings.” It was Nina W. Brown.
  • “A toxic, narcissistic mother will always put the blame on her child for her own mistakes instead of taking responsibility for them.” not known
  • “If toxic mothers can’t get the attention they want from their kids, they see them as bothersome things that get in the way of what they want to do for themselves.” —Miss Sherrie Campbell

  • “Narcissistic moms often blame their kids for their own mistakes and flaws.” not known
  • “A person who is grandiose puffs up their own skills and accomplishments, which keeps them from knowing who they really are and makes them more likely to cross other people’s boundaries.” Thanks, Steven Franssen
  • It’s more likely for a toxic, narcissistic mother to use money and gifts to control her kids than to love and support them. not known
  • “As kids and teens, most kids whose parents are toxic feel very confused about what love is and how it should feel.” Dr. Karen Forward
  • “Toxic family members will see requests to forgive as opportunities to take advantage of weak spots.” This is not the way to give in to their tricks. You can forgive them if it helps you get better, but don’t tell anyone else. not known
  • “Toxic narcissistic moms will do anything to keep up their image, even if it means putting their kids’ health at risk.” not known

  • “Be ready to deal with a toxic narcissist’s low self-esteem; they will put you down and pick on you as much as they can.” not known
  • “Toxic, narcissistic moms keep their kids away from other people, which makes it hard for them to make healthy connections.” not known
  • “No matter what you do, having a toxic, narcissistic mother can make you feel like you are never enough.” not known
  • “A narcissistic mother who is toxic will often use her child to show how successful she is instead of appreciating them for who they are.” not known
  • “Having a toxic, narcissistic mother as a child can make you feel like you have to walk on eggshells all the time because you never know when she will lose it.” not known
  • As soon as they get the chance, toxic narcissists cling to kind and caring people. not known
  • I believe that no child should ever have to take care of their own parents. If your parents were bad, you were always there for them. Saeed Kim 

Quotes about Narcissistic Mothers

  • “Having a narcissistic mother as a child can make you feel like you’re never good enough, no matter what.” Sharifa Arabi
  • What a narcissist does is feed on good hearts and souls. not known
  • “The narcissistic mother won’t let her play games if she’s sad, so let her.” If she tries to get you to do something by making you feel guilty, don’t give in. Rug by Cynthia Bailey

  • “Do not let a bad person put you down for the rest of your life, whether it’s a parent, sibling, friend, or family member.” not known
  • “However, narcissists are like that.”They will do everything they can to trick you, but they’ll only make themselves look bad in the end. Fox Ellie
  • “You are not responsible for your mom’s happiness.” It’s never been.””—not known
  • “A narcissist will purposely bring up things that will make you angry over and over again.” not known
  • “Your narcissist will slowly break down your sense of self-worth until you have no idea who you are or what they have done to you.” not known
  • Parents who are narcissists don’t think about how their kids feel at all. It only matters how they feel. not known

  • “A narcissistic mother’s moods and actions can change all the time, which can cause her children a lot of stress and anxiety.” not known
  • Nasty people don’t learn from their mistakes because they never take the first step, which is to accept that they made a mistake. John Paul Kluger
  • “A narcissistic mother loves being in charge of her child more than she loves them.” not known
  • “A mother who is narcissistic can hurt her children’s self-esteem over time by always being negative and critical.” – not known 

Quotes about Narcissistic Mothers

  • Parents who aren’t working together don’t say sorry. This is something that all narcissist children would agree on immediately. They will lie and make excuses for what they did, but they will never live up to it. Diane Macey
  • “Not talking to your parents is sometimes the best way to stay safe from abusive parents.” not sure
  •  Loving narcissistic parents from afar can help prevent further emotional damage.  — unclear

  • “Be careful around narcissists. Everyone will think you’re crazy, but that’s just to hide their lies. Thanks, Mitta Xinindlu
  • “All a narcissist wants is praise and admiration, but they don’t try to give it back.” not sure
  • “The truth is that the narcissistic parent is less happy when you are strong and happy because they can’t control you or shame you as much when you are okay.” Diane Macey
  • “Narcissist is a nicer word for a selfish, manipulative, evil jerk who has no soul or compassion.” – not sure
  • “A parent who is narcissistic will make an independent child angry to feel better about themselves and show how flawed the child is.” Thanks, Shannon Thomas
  • “Mothers who are narcissistic often use their kids as emotional punching bags, taking out their anger on them.” not sure
  • “A lot of parents would be in jail for a long time if mental abuse was a crime.” not sure

  • “No matter what, most kids would rather hold on to the fantasy of a loving relationship with their dads and moms than face the truth.” – not sure
  • “An adult child may remember the hurtful things a narcissistic parent said to them long after the adult has left home.” Bill Thomas
  • “Moms who are narcissistic will often use their kids’ successes to boost their own status and reputation.” not sure
  • “Parents who are narcissists don’t know their kids; they only care about what makes them feel good.” This is Tina Fuller. 


Selfish, toxic mother quotes

  • Parents who are narcissistic view their children as objects to control rather than individuals with their own thoughts and emotions. Durvasula Ramani
  • “Toxic mothers give this kind of toxic, manipulative love that is possessive and controlling and never lets you be yourself or show who you really are.” not known
  • When you mourn the loss of cruel parents, you grieve more than just the abuse. You mourn everything you didn’t have. Lily Hope Lucario

  • It’s important to let your toxic mom know that there is a big difference between real love and abuse or control that appears to be love. Real love doesn’t hurt or abuse. not known
  • “Narcissists make it seem like they are the victim or completely innocent in every way.” The truth will make them angry. Someone will see things done in the dark.  People’s real colors tend to come out over time. Kiera Grimes
  • If you have toxic parents, they care more about how you look than how you feel. not known
  • “Kids whose parents are selfish and needy are not at fault for anything.” They were abused and tricked into thinking that their only job was to make their dad happy. As it turns out, this is a bad job for a parent who is self-centered or selfish. Glynis Sherwood
  • “You can’t change the way your toxic parents act, but you can choose how to react to them.” –not known

  • “Toxic moms often leave their kids and make up silly reasons for why they can’t be there for them.” not known
  • Selfish parents may one day comprehend the irreparable harm they have inflicted. not known
  • “Toxic moms are more dangerous than absent dads because their poisonous energy spreads and hurts your soul.” not known
  • They often cause the poison from their own unmet needs and insecurities, projecting it onto their children to feel better. not known
  • “Parenting selfishly shows that you haven’t learned from your mistakes.” not known 


Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers: Quotes

  • “For some reason, I felt like it was my duty to try to help her since she had given birth to me.” This is D.G. Kaye.
  • “Abuse and neglect are okay in families with problems.” Talking about them is against the rules. not known
  • “We forget to get through childhood when we depend on our parents’ kindness, but to get over those childhoods, we must first remember the good and the bad.” Vicky Secunda

  • “There is a huge, painful hole in my soul where parents who loved me and a normal, safe childhood should have been.” Lily Hope Lucario
  • “Both boys and girls whose mothers are narcissists have to deal with a lack of maternal care that they didn’t get as kids.” … Mark Bans Girl
  • “Narcissists teach their children that love is abuse.” This person tells them that if they don’t like someone, it’s okay to hurt them and call it love. … J. Wakefield
  • Parents should not burden their children with the weight of their decisions. Toby Mack
  • “Sometimes I felt like a trophy when I was with my mom.” Something to show off to your friends. When no one looked, I sat on the shelf, overlooked and forgotten. Frances Joan
  • “Don’t let blood tie you down; family is where you should be most free.” Meleen Michelle
  • “Narcissists teach their children that love is abuse.” This person tells them that if someone makes them unhappy, it’s okay to hurt them and call it love. not known
  • Parents who are too focused on themselves rarely show or feel emotions, usually just anger and fear. They use words to show how they feel, but the words are empty and have no value. It was Nina W. Brown.

  • “A narcissist parent gets angry quickly when their child is healthy and independent, and they can’t control them by controlling their emotions.” Thomas Shannon
  • “You don’t have to go through the bad things that happened to you as a child again.” You should use the pain your mother caused to push yourself to raise your own kids better. By Barrie Davenport
  • “Toxic mothers instill in their daughters toxic feelings of guilt, low self-esteem, and low self-worth.”These feelings show up when the daughters start dating, making them needy or even toxic like their moms.” not known
  •  Your self-centered parent instilled in you the idea that you should take care of them, contributing to some of your unrealistic expectations for yourself.  It was Nina W. Brown.
  • “Narcissistic parents often turn their kids against their siblings so they can get the love and attention they’ve always wanted but never got.” not known
  • “You don’t have to leave your whole family behind; just the ones who don’t belong in your future.” not known 


Final Thoughts on Toxic Narcissistic Mother Quotes


You can’t change what happened in your past, but you can move on and keep yourself safe from narcissistic abuse right now.


Your life can change totally if you set clear boundaries, avoid contact, and heal from your trauma.


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