Crafting Meaningful Family Isn’t Always Blood Quotes

Family Isn’t Always Blood Quotes

One popular type of family in the past was the nuclear family, which consisted of a mother, father, and children. As adoption, surrogacy, and divorce rates rise, though, it seems like the nuclear family is becoming less common.

I come from a “non-traditional” mixed family. As their part-time and then full-time caretaker since they were babies, I am a stepmom to two great boys. The fact that I was their only mother figure made me really mad when I saw quotes saying that blood is the most important thing and you should always be true to your blood family.

Toxic family members are seen as necessary by some, even if it is bad for them. With this way of thought, generational trauma keeps happening.

While the number of “non-traditional” families continues to grow, I want to share my favorite Family Isn’t Always Blood quotes so that more people can connect.


What Does It Mean When Family Isn’t Always Blood?


Families Aren’t Always Blood means that there are many kinds of families that aren’t connected by blood.


It could mean that some members of your family were adopted, are in a foster family, are part of a mixed family, used a surrogate or donor, or got help with getting pregnant in some other way. It could also mean that you have a “found family” made up of your friends.


It’s very important to pick the people you want to be close to when you have a found family. 


Why are quotes about “family isn’t always blood” important?


There are quotes about family that are important to read because they can connect to people who don’t live in a traditional family.


The number of families that don’t follow the norm keeps going up. A report published in Demographic Research in 2022 says that the chance of shared custody after a divorce has doubled since before 1985.


This makes it even more important to have family quotes that people can connect to.


They also welcome found families and let people know that just because they are related by blood doesn’t mean they have to stay in a bad relationship with that person.  


Family Isn’t Always Blood Quotes 


  • “When you’re twenty, you understand that blood doesn’t always mean family and that home is not a place.” Thanks, A. Davis
  • “The chosen tribe we form is family, which is bound together by a deep bond that goes beyond the limits of biology.” – not known

  • “Love, not blood, makes a family.” – not known
  • “Real family isn’t related to you by blood.” The people who stand by you when no one else does ” by Nishan Panwar
  • “There are other kinds of family besides blood.” The people who want you in their lives are the ones who accept you as you are. The people who love you no matter what and would do anything to make you smile. “Be thankful for what you have then.” – not known
  • “She wasn’t related to anyone in her family by blood, but family was more than blood.” It was about trust and love. There were people who would always be there for her, no matter what she did or how hard life got. They would back and encourage her.— Ashley T. Stoyanoff
  • “Being related to someone doesn’t depend on whose blood you carry.” It’s about loving someone and being loved in return. – not known
  • “Family is the constellation of souls that shines a light on our lives, no matter what genetic stardust we have.” – not known
  • “The family you are born into isn’t always the one you have.” “Sometimes it’s about people who get into your heart, blood, and skin on their own.” – Henry L. Cosway
  • “You’re family to me even though we’re not related by blood.” – not known
  • It’s a big lie to say that blood ties you to your family. Blood links you to each other. Friendship, love, and faith are what make a family. – not known  

Family Is More Than Blood Quotes


  • “There’s more to family than blood.” It’s heart. It takes courage to be a part of other people’s lives and carry their responsibilities. – not known
  • “Family is the harmony of hearts that beat together, even if they don’t come from the same family.” – not known
  • “Your real family isn’t related by blood; they love and respect each other.” Very rarely do people from the same family grow up together.- Bach, Richard
  • “Family is more than just blood and a name.” People who were there for you when you needed them and made you laugh when you thought you couldn’t. – not known
  • “Family is the bouquet of relationships we pick out, giving our lives to the most vibrant and loved ones.” – not known

  • Many times, the best families are made up of people who love and respect each other deeply but do not share blood.- not known
  • “For my own family, I would always pick the makeshift, surrogate family made up of different characters who are not related by blood.”—Ann Tyler
  • “Family is more than blood.” It’s about how much we love and care for each other. – not known
  • “A person’s true family is not just their blood relatives. It’s more about how close two people are to each other. – not known
  • “Family always comes first, but family members who lie, cheat, or cover up things that hurt me are no longer family.” “Blood is not everything.” – not known
  • “There are other kinds of family besides blood.” Sometimes you just know who someone is. That’s how it was between me and your grandmother. We were related. A certain type of family.”- From Barbara Davis
  • “Family is not made of flesh and blood. It’s love, time, care, and giving. That’s my family.” – not known
  • “Blood brings you together. Be loyal, and you’ll have family. – not known
  • “Remember that family doesn’t have to be based on blood. It often is.” It also doesn’t rule out friendship. It’s possible for family to be your best friends. And your best friends can be family, even if they’re not related to you. This is Trenton Lee Stewart.  


Blood Doesn’t Make You Family Quotes


  • “Having blood doesn’t make you family. “Love does it.” – not known
  • “The family you are born into isn’t always the one you have.” “Sometimes it’s about people who get into your heart, blood, and skin on their own.”- M.L. Cosway

  • “Just because you share genes doesn’t mean you’re related.” – not known
  • “To love your neighbors is to be a family, and it goes beyond blood ties.” “Love, kindness, trust, and the ability to understand each other through all of life’s challenges should be what we call my family. Blood may be thicker than water.” – The Kemmy Nola
  • “It doesn’t matter to me whose DNA has joined with whose again.” The people who will always be there for you when things go wrong. They’re your family.” – not known
  • “The real magic of family isn’t based on blood; it’s the magic of finding people who are like you in strange places.” – not known
  • “Blood relatives aren’t always family, and family is also about the person you choose to spend your life with.” – Stephen Hawking
  • “To be family, you don’t have to share the same blood.”- Not known
  • It’s not about blood when it comes to family. It’s about who will be there for you when you need them. – not known
  • “Love, compassion, and shared moments are the threads that hold family together in the tapestry of life.” – not known
  • “Family isn’t blood.” In love and loyalty that don’t depend on anything.” – not known
  • “True family goes beyond biology; it’s a unique mix of like-minded people, chosen affections, and an endless symphony of love.” – not known  
  • “Blood brings you together. Blood is a link that starts at birth. Family is made of people who are loyal.- not known
  • “Family isn’t always made of blood and bone; it’s made of the heart.” No matter what you call them, they are your family, your unit, your house, your folks. “Thank God for people who accept us like family and make us feel like we belong.” – Brigitte Nicole

  • “Family is what keeps us grounded; it gives us a sense of belonging and a support system that goes beyond biological ties.” – not known
  • “Blood does not mean anything. Family is someone who loves me and would do anything for me. I would happily do the same for them. You and I share some DNA, but that’s not my fault.- not known
  • “A real family isn’t just blood relatives; it’s the people who make you feel at home wherever you are.” – not known
  • “There are times when family will cross you more quickly than strangers, and blood isn’t thicker than water.” – not known
  • “Family isn’t always about having blood ties.” It’s all about how you connect with other people. – not known
  • “Family isn’t just the people we’re born into; it’s the group of like-minded people who welcome us and make us feel at home.” – not known 


Family Doesn’t Have To Be Blood Quotes

  • “The family we pick is stronger sometimes than the family we were born into.” – not known
  • “When you talk about family, it’s not always about blood relatives. It’s about the person who is there for you in good times and bad.— Harsh Singh
  • “Family isn’t always about where you were born and who raised you.” People we meet along the way are often what make up our real families. They’re the ones who will love you no matter what you do and treat us like family. They are the ones who make you laugh, smile, and feel loved every day.- not known

  • “Family goes beyond the limits of biology and appears as a group of souls who choose to journey through life together.” – not known
  • “Family doesn’t always mean blood relatives; it’s often a word for a group of people, an organization, or a country.” – The King or Queen
  • “Real family is more than just being related by blood.” It’s about family ties, respect, and getting to know each other better.- not known
  • “What makes you family is not your blood relatives, but the people you love and who love you.” The late Jackie Chan
  • “Frequently, the family we pick will be more devoted and helpful than our real family.” – not known
  • “No matter what our biological ties are, family is the sweet serenade of belonging, where love’s melody embraces us.” – not known
  • “There are other kinds of family besides blood.” It’s about having faith in people. Who you care about. And the people you want to keep safe. – not known  


Family Not By Blood But By Heart Quotes

  • “Your real family will always be glad to see you when you get home.” No matter what the blood says, someone who says you can lose their love isn’t really family. —McGuire Seanan
  • “Our hearts are what make us a family, not our bodies.” – not known
  • Family is a masterpiece of connections, where hearts connect and minds know they are related to each other beyond blood ties.” – not known

  • “Don’t let blood ties hold you back; family is where you belong to be free.”- Meleen Michelle
  • “I found my family. A family that isn’t based on blood lines but is better because it comes from the heart. – not known
  • “Having blood relatives isn’t the only thing that makes you family.” It’s about people who believed in you, stood by you, and never left your side.- Adrian Thomas
  • “What makes a family is not blood ties, but the meaning behind them.”- not known
  • “Don’t let blood ties hold you back; family is where you belong to be free.” – Meleen Michelle  
  • “Family is what warms your heart and makes your days better.” – not known
  • “Family isn’t always blood; it’s the people who want you in their lives—the ones who love you no matter what and accept you for who you are.” Quotes by Maya Angelou
  • “Being family isn’t just about blood,” they said. – not known

  • “Just because you have genetic ties to someone doesn’t mean you are related by blood.”- not known
  • “Family isn’t always based on blood.” It’s learned by heart.” – Sumen Das
  • “My mom told me when I was little that my family was the most important thing in my life.” I didn’t believe her at first, but now I do. I had to find them.” – not known
  • “Family is an art form of souls; the canvas is endless, the colors are endless, and the lines of connection are drawn with love, not blood.” – not known
  • “Engage in positive conversations with people who support your goals, believe in your dreams, and bring out the best in you.” – Sir Roy Bennett
  • “Family is not made of flesh and blood. It’s about love, time, caring, and giving. That’s my family.” – not known
  • “Family isn’t always blood.” The people you pick and the people who pick you back up.” – not known
  • “Truth is stronger than blood, but love is stronger than blood.” — not known  


Final Thoughts On Family Isn’t Always Blood Quotes

Being the odd family out can make your family feel alone. I remember that as a child, the kids whose parents had split up stood out. Good times have changed, because now there are a lot of different kinds of families.


These words should help you understand something about your family, no matter what kind it is.


Ensure your well-being.


Some frequently asked questions and answers related to this topic:


Q.What does it mean that “family isn’t always blood”?


A.The phrase “Family Isn’t Always Blood” stresses that family can include people who aren’t related by blood. It means that love, support, and connection can grow between people who are important in your life but are not connected by blood.


Q.Where did the phrase “Family Isn’t Always Blood” come from?


A.It’s not clear where the saying “Family Isn’t Always Blood” came from. People have said that anonymous writers or popular culture came up with it, and it has been used in books, movies, and social media.


Q.What kinds of events fit the theme of “Family Isn’t Always Blood”?


There are many times when “Family Isn’t Always Blood” can be used, including:

Family Is not Always Blood Quotes

  • Having close friends who are like family
  • loving and helpful ties with certain family members
  • Families that foster children or adopt children
  • Mixed-race families with stepparents or step-siblings
  • Having a mentor or teacher who feels like family
  • Communities or groups that make people feel like they fit and offer support


Q.How can you use the idea behind “Family Isn’t Always Blood” in real life?


A.One way to use the idea of “Family Isn’t Always Blood” is to value and appreciate the important links and relationships in your life, even if they aren’t blood-related. You have to value and care for those ties, put in time and effort to make them strong, and see your chosen family as an important part of your support system.


Q.Are there any other quotes or sayings that go with this idea?


A.Some sayings and quotes that say the same thing are “Friends are the family you choose” and “Blood ties make you related, but loyalty makes you family.” These quotes all talk about the idea that family isn’t just biological ties. They also stress how important it is to make choices about your relationships and connections. 


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